Video Montages

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"Echo Aria" Xmas Cantata (1989)

"Alleluia" Exsultate Jubilate (ca 1990)

John D. Carter's Cantata,a work of spirituals (ca 1992)

Ann Trulove's Aria: "I Go To Him"(ca 1986) lower volume

Excerpts from "Works of California"

(three rare recital selections) (1989)

         Audio Tracks

"Sweet Little Jesus Boy"

       (Live, Xmas 2011)

"I Loves Ya Porgy" (Porgy & Bess) 

 from Musicale CD (Live, ca. 2000)

Autris Paige, baritone (record volume is high)

"Poeme" (Songs of Separation) -Still

"9-Ft Shovel"(work song) Arr.Clark 

Julie's songs (Showboat) Jerome Kern


Roun' About de Mountain, arr. Roland Hayes (ca 1998)
Steal Away, arr. Cameron White-Bibbs
Louise's Aria from X, the Opera - Anthony Davis