Video Montages


"Echo Aria" Xmas Cantata (1989)

"Alleluia" Exsultate Jubilate (ca 1992)

John D. Carter's Cantata,work of spirituals (ca 1991)

Ann Trulove's Aria: "I Go To Him"(ca 1990)

         Audio Tracks

"Sweet Little Jesus Boy"

       (Live, Xmas 2011)

 Musicale CD excerpts (Live, ca. 2000)

featuring Autris Paige, baritone (record volume is high)


"I Loves Ya Porgy" (Porgy and Bess) Gershwin

"Poeme" (Songs of SeparationWm. Still

"Ninefoot Shovel"(W. Indian work song) Arr. R. Clark 

"Make Believe" (Showboat) J. Kern


Excerpts from "Works of California"

(three rare recital selections) (1989)