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Photo by Jim Dennis in 1996

Susheel as Mary Ellen Pleasant


= Search Susheel Bibbs' Living Heritage Foundation (

= Her extensive work on Mary Pleasant and the Hyers Sisters has resulted in the title "foremost expert on Pleasant's life" and international recognition of her films and research. These have  led to  acclaimed touring presentations, which include--


 1) Masterclasses and Lectures on arias, black classical song, and concert spirituals

 2) A multimedia presentation in word and song on the Hyers Sisters (activist

     divas of the 1870's and 1880's)   See

 3) One-woman shows on Mary Ellen Pleasant, Mother of Civil Rights in California        (1817-1904)

  • An acclaimed one-woman chautauqua (enactments)--Dramatic or Musical

  • Film screenings online and live performances at which Bibbs can speaks and/or signs her book/DVDs


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